Government and the Environment

Federal regulations over the past several years have required that private businesses spend money on worker training, health, consumer protection, safety, assistance to the disabled, environmental protection – the list goes on. These hidden forms of taxation on the consumer and on businesses are crippling our economic growth. If these regulations had existed in the early 1900s, America would not have attained the economic growth and world power experienced during those times.

As most Americans would agree, government today is far too costly and too intrusive in our lives. Big government, higher taxes and excessive regulations are restraining America’s economic growth. The government has become an obstacle to the advancement and growth of our nation’s industries. History has proven not only in America, but also in other nations, that when government grows too large, it stifles the productive sector of the economy.

Has this affected how BP conducted business? If there had been less government regulation, would that have made a difference?

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