A Tale Too Familiar

A certain civilization lasted over 200 years.

  • Its government started as a republic form of government in which the balance of power was to remain in control of its people.  The government later became a democracy
  • The citizens chose an eagle as their national emblem
  • The Senate directed the political affairs of the nation
  • It had the world’s most flourishing society and economy as free enterprise brought about great national prosperity and abundance
  • Its’ military was the world’s strongest
  • This nation lead the world in advanced technology
  • They lead the world in commerce as foods were imported from all over the globe.  The abundance created an overweight society as gluttony and complacency became overwhelming
  • Its citizens loved entertainment and leisure times.  All sporting events were held at the stadium where a full capacity housed over 70,000 fans
  • Government dependency took over free enterprise as citizens became more dependent on government supplying all their needs
  • Over-taxation of its citizens stifled the economy and brought about economic disaster
  • Excessive government spending quickly exhausted the money supply and debased the value of their currency
  • People lost confidence in their government leaders
  • Members of this society chose to flee this nation rather than pay exorbitant taxes
  • The nations religious dedication began to diminish as cults, homosexuality and pornography replaced their moral values
  • The younger populace became liberal in their ways and believed in sexual excessiveness
  • The family became less important as abortion was a common occurrence
  • A protective wall was place around this nation to keep out unwanted immigrants and aliens in fear they might lower their standard of living and have a negative effect on their economy, education and heritage
  • The above statements describe the final phases of the mighty Roman Empire as it went through abundance, complacency, apathy, to government dependency.  This empire was not overthrown by outside aggressors, but died from within by spiritual and moral decay.

If the word America was substituted for Roman Empire would be describing the United States today?  During our 232 years as a nation, America is experiencing the same cultural and moral changes as the Romans as we aimlessly follow in the footsteps of history’s failed civilizations.

The conditions that precede the fall of every civilization are in place.  We have the ability to create our own fate before our nation’s final story is told by the decisions we make.  One should be responsible for their own choices: Not the government!!!!

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