Beyond Guns – NRA Expands Agenda

WASHINGTON — Fresh off a string of victories in the courts and Congress, the National Rifle Association is flexing political muscle outside its normal domain, with both Democrats and Republicans courting its favor and avoiding its wrath on issues that sometimes seem to have little to do with guns.

One Response to Beyond Guns – NRA Expands Agenda

  • Rosita says:

    How ANY so called “American” could sell out to the sytesm in the “GUISE” of “Law Enforcement” and participate in prosecuting these kinds of unconstitutional actions AGAINST their FELLOW RED BLOODED REAL AMERICANS is beyond me. I couldn’t do it, I WILL NEVER DO IT. The Founding Fathers of our country and the original Minutemen must be spinning in their graves…REMEMBER, WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT, WE HAVE THE POWER, the power originates with us, THE PEOPLE.”THEY” are just the “bureaucrats” and “civil servants, there to do what WE tell them. “They” WORK FOR US!!! If ever “they” work AGAINST us, they need to be dealt with. WE have the power, more power than “they” want you to know about, all we gotta do is remember that, realize it in our hearts and minds and resolve to take action if ever we find ourselves in a similar situation.

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