Hollywood and American Values

A group of extreme liberal elite, with a negative opinion of our value system, currently represents Hollywood. This group of Hollywood producers and actors wants the nation to know that it has all the correct answers to our society.

Why do the Hollywood award shows become less popular every year? The Oscars and the Golden Globe awards have continued to decline in popularity due to movie content and Hollywood’s finished product. The majority of Americans believe that Hollywood is out of touch with America.

In the early days of Hollywood, movie producers turned out films that made Americans feel good. We enjoyed films that represented

our nation and the American Dream. The movies supported the wars, American history and God. After the 1960s, Hollywood started to rebel, as films no longer represented the morality and value system of our nation. The filmmakers began to flood movie theaters with sex and violent films. There is no reason why gay characters should be featured more often than religious people in today’s movies other than to promote their anti-Christian agenda. Mel Gibson’s film, “Passion of the Christ” earned the third largest amount in revenues in 2004 – $370 million dollars. This film was essentially blackballed in Hollywood and was not nominated for any major awards, because of its religious and moral content, which was against Hollywood’s liberal anti-Christian way of life.

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