Illegal Immigration: Failures of Past Civilizations

I have described in my book, America…A Nation That’s Lost Its Way, the social and cultural paths that past civilizations have followed as they progressed through their rise and fall.

Educators and historians are varied in their opinions of what caused the final demise of these civilizations.

Page Smith, a noted historian, has presented common factors that have been identified with the failure of past nations. Among these factors are:

  • Loss of religious faith
  • Increase in domestic crime and domestic violence
  • Centralization of government power

Edward Gibbon, author of the book Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, indicated the following factors:

  • The injuries of time and nature
  • Hostile attacks of insurgents

According to Historian Seymour Lipset:

  • Bilingual and bicultural nations have never survived due to two or more
    competing languages and cultures, which create turmoil, tension and
  • A multicultural and multilingual society creates educational and economic

As I reviewed the reasons for the demise of past civilizations, I suddenly realized that the United States over the past 48 years has offended and violated all the factors historians identified with the failure of a nation.

Let us review each one.

  • Loss of religious faith: since 1962, from the schoolhouse to the
    courthouse America has removed God from our public lives.
  • Increase in domestic crime: our prison population surpasses all other
    countries at a cost to our taxpayers of over 44 billion dollars a year.
  • Centralization of government power: our government, as feared by our
    founding fathers, has grown into a federal bureaucratic monster.
  • Injuries of time and nature: time has a tendency to change the complexion of a nation. America is no different.

Over the years, particularly the past 46 years, extreme radical groups and new technology have changed our way of life and the direction of our nation. People have become complacent and indifferent. Well-funded groups and liberal judges have modified the Constitution and laws of the land to meet their own agendas.

New technologies have changed the ways in which we conduct our lives.

  • Domestic quarrels: our nation is divided in many ways affecting our values, freedoms, economy and political direction. This is seen more in Washington, D.C. than anywhere else. Our political divide is obvious, as our politicians – angry hostile in their never-ending debates – are unable to work in a bipartisan way to solve our nation’s problems.
  • Hostile attacks: the hostile attacks of terrorists during the ‘90s and 9/11 and the invasion of illegal aliens have dramatically changed our lives in America. Insurgents, such as the terrorists and street gangs created by illegal immigrants, have created chaos in our culture. The effect it has had on America’s economy, education and social programs is beyond belief.

It has become so complex that our government does not know how to address it.

Illegal immigration has become a major issue politically, socially and culturally. The standards set by our founders in our Constitution and laws no longer seem valid today. This nation’s radical liberal extremists and their “politically correct attitude” want to make America one big happy multicultural, multilingual loving family. History has proven that this is not possible. History also proves that a multicultural and multilingual society with competing languages and cultures creates problems and turmoil in a nation’s social, educational, and economic systems.

As proof that we have become a multilingual nation, almost every product sold in the American marketplace has instructions printed in English, French and Spanish. Our nation is comprised of many ethnic and racial groups with their own cultures and identities, including languages, traditions and neighborhoods. What is good for one ethnic group may not be good for another. As with personalities or career selection, not one fits all.

Our nation consists of many peoples, each with its own customs. However, we are but one nation that is governed by one Constitution. A nation cannot adapt to all the different customs of many people. The same Constitution applies to all the people. If we try to change our standards and culture to adapt to many languages and ethnic groups, we will not succeed. If a person or group wants to enjoy our freedoms, it needs to adapt to our one Constitution and our laws.

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