Reclaiming Your Constitutional Freedom

America is at an historical crossroads for the future of our nation.  A government with its inept officials and the radical courts are the major reasons for the dilemma in which America finds itself.

The Democrat Congress of Pelosi and Reid along with President Obama proposed governmental “Change” in their campaign promises.  This team of liberal left Democrats is taking America into a new radical version of the Constitution.  This was proven in the recent passing of the health care bill which was rammed thru Congress while ignoring the majority wishes of the public when polls showed an overwhelming resistance to the proposed legislation.  These three politicians have created an imbalance of legislative power in the way they conduct government procedures.  No longer do we have the checks and balances our founders deemed necessary to run government.  The voting imbalance has brought with it a philosophy that those who do not agree with the views of these politicians will be overruled and taken out of play.  This is rapidly leading to a “change” in the make-up of a nation that Obama, Pelosi and Reid want to create, certainly not the America intended by our founding fathers and the Constitution.

Our founders warned that the greatest threat to our freedom was not external enemies.  It was putting too much power into the hands of a central authority such as Congress.  Our founding fathers did not trust government.  George Washington stated, “that the government given too much power could become a monster”.  The colonist envisioned a national government with specific and restricted responsibilities.  They originally provided in our Constitution that Congress only had four duties; 1) to handle foreign affairs, 2) to settle disputes between states, 3) to work with Indian affairs, 4) to print money.  The founding fathers foresaw limited federal government involvement in our daily lives.  They never envisioned the government having a major part in education, commerce, environment, housing, economy, banks, automotive and now healthcare.

Big government has confirmed the greatest fear of our founders.  Professional politicians have proven to do what they do best—taking the money of the citizens through taxation and spending it recklessly with little or no accountability.

WAKE UP AMERICA!  It is important that we prevent government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of caring for them.  Each of us are responsible for the future of America, please do your part, time is running out.

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