Founding Fathers

Government Debt & Stimulus Spending

Thomas Jefferson stated, “To preserve our independence, we must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt. I place economy among the first and important of Republic virtues and public debt as the greatest of dangers to be feared”.

Winston Churchill said, “A nation cannot spend and tax itself to prosperity. It’s like standing in a bucket and trying to pull yourself out by pulling up on the handle”.

History tells us that government can not solve an economic crisis by taxing and spending our money recklessly. If that were possible, every poor country would confiscate the financial holdings of its people and waste it on projects and programs motivated by political power. This philosophy has never been successful in any form of government.

A note to the Obama administration: Winston Churchill said, “You may try to destroy wealth and find all you have done is to increase poverty”. Latest statistics show that one in every seven US citizens are below the poverty level and are on welfare.

The redistribution of wealth in any form by our government goes against free enterprise and personal liberties.

The economic system envisioned by the Founders encouraged by the Constitution allowed individual enterprise to flourish and triggered the greatest economy and prosperity in all history. Why change what has been successful?

Television Interview

Author Joe Kulbacki’s appearance on the Harvest Show, September 28th, 2010, discussing the themes of his book America: A Nation That’s Lost It’s Way

Small Businesses and Government Regulation

When our founding fathers warned us about large government and the loss of individual freedoms, their vision was profound. Government today can trap small business owners by the use of regulations and obscure laws and, in some cases, sentence them to prison. This is particularly true for any violation of environmental laws and regulations.

Once the government has determined a law or regulation has been violated, it has three ways it can handle it:

1. Give a warning and then a time frame for the problem to be corrected.

2. Levy a fine or file a civil lawsuit.

3. If neither of the first two works, then the worst case – it prosecutes you and your business.

Small businesses employ the greatest percentage of workers in our nation’s economy. However, statistics prove that if you are in business and have done nothing against the law, you have a 25% chance of being sued. That, folks, is what our nation is about today: big government and lawsuits. As an example, the estimated amount that U.S. companies spend annually for product research and development is $194 billion. However, the estimated amount U.S. companies spend annually on tort litigation and lawsuits is $205 billion. More is spent on lawsuits than on developing new products for consumer use.



Reclaiming Your Constitutional Freedom

America is at an historical crossroads for the future of our nation.  A government with its inept officials and the radical courts are the major reasons for the dilemma in which America finds itself.

The Democrat Congress of Pelosi and Reid along with President Obama proposed governmental “Change” in their campaign promises.  This team of liberal left Democrats is taking America into a new radical version of the Constitution.  This was proven in the recent passing of the health care bill which was rammed thru Congress while ignoring the majority wishes of the public when polls showed an overwhelming resistance to the proposed legislation.  These three politicians have created an imbalance of legislative power in the way they conduct government procedures.  No longer do we have the checks and balances our founders deemed necessary to run government.  The voting imbalance has brought with it a philosophy that those who do not agree with the views of these politicians will be overruled and taken out of play.  This is rapidly leading to a “change” in the make-up of a nation that Obama, Pelosi and Reid want to create, certainly not the America intended by our founding fathers and the Constitution. Continue reading