The Passing of Joseph V. Kulbacki

{Editor’s note: Joe Kulbacki passed from this world on November 26th, 2012. His writing and his legacy, personal and professional, will live on.  The words that come to my mind for the life of this Renaissance Man are simple —  ‘Well done, my good and faithful servant.’ – Ken JP Stuczynski, webmaster and admiring friend}

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Hollywood and American Values

A group of extreme liberal elite, with a negative opinion of our value system, currently represents Hollywood. This group of Hollywood producers and actors wants the nation to know that it has all the correct answers to our society.

Why do the Hollywood award shows become less popular every year? The Oscars and the Golden Globe awards have continued to decline in popularity due to movie content and Hollywood’s finished product. The majority of Americans believe that Hollywood is out of touch with America.

In the early days of Hollywood, movie producers turned out films that made Americans feel good. We enjoyed films that represented

our nation and the American Dream. The movies supported the wars, American history and God. After the 1960s, Hollywood started to rebel, as films no longer represented the morality and value system of our nation. The filmmakers began to flood movie theaters with sex and violent films. There is no reason why gay characters should be featured more often than religious people in today’s movies other than to promote their anti-Christian agenda. Mel Gibson’s film, “Passion of the Christ” earned the third largest amount in revenues in 2004 – $370 million dollars. This film was essentially blackballed in Hollywood and was not nominated for any major awards, because of its religious and moral content, which was against Hollywood’s liberal anti-Christian way of life.


Parents and grandparents, what are you leaving your children? Will you be able to look back and say, “I left them a good legacy that improved their lives and that of my nation.” Or, have you left your children vulnerable to evil and a nation in default? What picture do they have of you … that of a Godly person concerned about their future … or have you left them only with material things in life? Material things and money are meaningless. What you leave in their hearts is what is most important. Remember, as stated earlier in this chapter, “Without God in your heart, you have evil.”

The greatest asset we can pass on to a generation is our faith.

Good Old-Fashioned American Patriotism, Values and Tradition

I came across this website and thought I’d share it with you.  This site is a throwback to a better time, a salute to America and nod to our past.

Interview with Joe Kulbacki wrote an article about Joe.

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Government and the Environment

Federal regulations over the past several years have required that private businesses spend money on worker training, health, consumer protection, safety, assistance to the disabled, environmental protection – the list goes on. These hidden forms of taxation on the consumer and on businesses are crippling our economic growth. If these regulations had existed in the early 1900s, America would not have attained the economic growth and world power experienced during those times.

As most Americans would agree, government today is far too costly and too intrusive in our lives. Big government, higher taxes and excessive regulations are restraining America’s economic growth. The government has become an obstacle to the advancement and growth of our nation’s industries. History has proven not only in America, but also in other nations, that when government grows too large, it stifles the productive sector of the economy.

Has this affected how BP conducted business? If there had been less government regulation, would that have made a difference?

The Illegal Immigration Mess

(Citizens Reclaiming America Point #3)

Our founders originally gave Congress but four duties or responsibilities.
1) To settle foreign affairs
2) To print money
3) To settle boundary disputes between states
4) To declare war

The founders foresaw very limited government in the daily lives of its citizens.  It was not until 1913 that the Federal government was given the authority to levy taxes.

I consider illegal immigration to be a foreign boundary issue. Congress has interfered with all aspects of our lives, however when confronted with its basic responsibilities it has faltered.  Our elite “do nothing” Congress has failed to pass a balanced immigration law.  If our Federal government does not have the spine to address and enforce our present laws regarding immigration and our Constitution, then state governments must address this problem.

Perhaps Congress should reflect back to the words of President Theodore Roosevelt in 1907 when he said, “Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn’t an American at all.  We have room for but one flag, the American flag-we have room for but one language here, and that is the English language—and we have room for but one loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people”.

(Excerpts from America…A Nation That’s Lost Its Way, by Joe Kulbacki)

A Tale Too Familiar

A certain civilization lasted over 200 years.

  • Its government started as a republic form of government in which the balance of power was to remain in control of its people.  The government later became a democracy
  • The citizens chose an eagle as their national emblem
  • The Senate directed the political affairs of the nation
  • It had the world’s most flourishing society and economy as free enterprise brought about great national prosperity and abundance
  • Its’ military was the world’s strongest
  • This nation lead the world in advanced technology
  • They lead the world in commerce as foods were imported from all over the globe.  The abundance created an overweight society as gluttony and complacency became overwhelming
  • Its citizens loved entertainment and leisure times.  All sporting events were held at the stadium where a full capacity housed over 70,000 fans
  • Government dependency took over free enterprise as citizens became more dependent on government supplying all their needs
  • Over-taxation of its citizens stifled the economy and brought about economic disaster
  • Excessive government spending quickly exhausted the money supply and debased the value of their currency
  • People lost confidence in their government leaders
  • Members of this society chose to flee this nation rather than pay exorbitant taxes
  • The nations religious dedication began to diminish as cults, homosexuality and pornography replaced their moral values
  • The younger populace became liberal in their ways and believed in sexual excessiveness
  • The family became less important as abortion was a common occurrence
  • A protective wall was place around this nation to keep out unwanted immigrants and aliens in fear they might lower their standard of living and have a negative effect on their economy, education and heritage
  • The above statements describe the final phases of the mighty Roman Empire as it went through abundance, complacency, apathy, to government dependency.  This empire was not overthrown by outside aggressors, but died from within by spiritual and moral decay.

If the word America was substituted for Roman Empire would be describing the United States today?  During our 232 years as a nation, America is experiencing the same cultural and moral changes as the Romans as we aimlessly follow in the footsteps of history’s failed civilizations.

The conditions that precede the fall of every civilization are in place.  We have the ability to create our own fate before our nation’s final story is told by the decisions we make.  One should be responsible for their own choices: Not the government!!!!