What People Are Saying …

“A very honest look at America today and how far we havestrayed from our founding father’s ideals. Kulbacki has researched his story well–the tears on the faces of our great Presidents say it all”.
Deanna Tobin Ashing, Cincinnati, Ohio, co-author of The Pocket Book of Limericks

“This book is timely and powerful. We must understand what we need to do before it is too late. We have lost our way and reading this book may help us find our way back”.
Kathy Weppner, Amherst, NY, Radio Talk Show Host

“I have a feeling there are books out there that try to address the current problems of America, but your way of placing the present state of our nation into historic context is unique and fascinating”.
Michael Postek, Tokyo, Japan

“This is the best book that I have read on American history. It is concise, factual and well written”.
Pastor Tommy Reid, Orchard Park, NY

“Besides our Bibles, it stands as one of the most important books for the day in which we live”.
Tim Olsen, Warren, PA

“This book is a powerful confrontation with the truth. Thank you!”
Paul Lucia, Fort Collins, Co

“It’s a deadly accurate depiction of the mess that America is in”.
Keith Oviatt, Pittsfield, PA

“Your book is very inspirational, everyone who lives in America should read this book”.
Raymond Spoth, Newfane, NY

“I just finished reading your book. I am so glad that I bought it. You are so right on about everything you wrote. We need to turn this country around”.
Bob Caple, Williamsville, NY

“Every high school student in the United States should read your book”.
Brad Carlson, Sarasota, FL