About the Book

bookHistory reveals that the pattern of all civilizations is that they rise, flourish, and then perish. The pages of this book review the history of America and how our government, culture and society parallel the phases of past civilizations.

Cataloging and commenting on the momentous changes occurring in American society today, this writing focuses on a changing culture, which is taking America in new and dangerous directions. The author reaches into more than 200 years of American history to rediscover the bedrock heritage, values and principles that are the foundation of our nation’s prosperity and world power.

America’s increasingly suicidal mentality, disturbing internal misdirection and eroding value system is overlayed against this historical backdrop. With God removed from our public life, spiritual amnesia has set in and we have forgotten the Source of our freedom, abundance and strength.

Kulbacki offers insights into the causes contributing to our nation’s plight. His series of indictments extend to all segments of the American experience, from our founders to the state of our nation today. A government with its inept, do-nothing, elected officials and our radical judicial system are the major reasons for the dilemma in which America finds itself.

Kulbacki’s message is clear. To those who would adversely reshape America and deny its legacy to our children, the author extends his most damning criticism. Our history, as a nation, is written with the blood of our ancestors. Both the will and conviction of today’s citizens are questioned as a mindset of apathy and complacency is governing our way of life. If our nation is to survive the cultural war and its future, the patriots of today must show the same sacrifice and conviction as our ancestors. What man once did, man can do again to save our freedoms for future generations. It is with the collective effort of ordinary citizens that the power to quiet this gathering storm rests. President Dwight D. Eisenhower said, “There is nothing wrong with America that the faith, love of freedom, intelligence and energy of her citizens cannot cure.”

Regarding the major issues confronting America, the author offers historic truths and prophetic insights into the evolving demise of our nation as freedoms and values are lost due to our disobedience and misdirection. We are a nation that has lost its way. There may yet be time to recapture the glory of yesteryear. To do so, however, will require an inspired effort, a rededication and return to the Godly principles that propelled America as a world leader in education, industrial growth, and the hope for other nations.